Olde English

A traditional medium-dry cyder made using a unique blend of English dessert and cider apples to deliver its well-loved, deliciously refreshing taste.

How To Serve Ye Old English

Ye Olde English is best served well chilled from a keg or can, in a branded glass, between 4 and 7 degrees.


Olde English is a traditional medium dry cider made using a unique blend of English dessert and cider apples. Olde English uses the finest apples sourced from local orchards including our very own award winning Orchard at Stewley. Olde English is enjoyed nationwide for its deliciously refreshing and distinctive apple taste.

Ye Olde English History

Cider is possibly the oldest of all alcoholic drinks. It is certainly the oldest alcoholic drink produced in the UK. In 1066, the Normans brought their more advanced cider making methods to England and especially their cider apple varieties. Cider became popular across England, but the cider apples thrived in Western extremities that had sufficient sunlight to produce a strong crop of apples. John Gaymer is believed to have initially started production of Cyder in 1770 in Banham near Attleborough in Norfolk. He was challenged by his father in law to improve quality of Cyder from the East of England and John Gymers Cyder quickly gained a reputation for exceptional quality. Two styles of cider emerged at the time (one based upon production techniques and the other cider apples from the west). Although there are no formal records to explain why, it is believed that the spelling helped to signify the differences.

Product / Packaging

Medium Dry Cyder:

Ye Olde English 1770 Premium Cyder:

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